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YouTuber plays Diablo 2: Reanimated on the highest possible problem without ever before assaulting challengers

The YouTuber Macrobioboi has attained what several followers of Diablo thought was impossible: Indiablo 2: Resurrected he killed completion boss Baal on the highest possible difficulty heck without ever before attacking a solitary opponent. He did well with unique items for the hag.

Who is the YouTuber?

  • Macrobioboi runs a rather small YouTube network with 7,010 clients. There he mainly reveals videos concerning Diablo, especially Diablo 2.
  • With his know-how, he creates Guides and also more for MaxRoll.GG, one of the most vital internet sites for all diaablo parts.
  • Currently he has played through Diablo 2 Resurrected-as he himself states as the first gamer worldwide in a Pacific Run at the Heck degree, the greatest degree of difficulty in Diablo 2.

_ Das Cinematic to Akt V, in which Baal is waiting, you can see below: _

. On top of that, the run has to be begun nude. All devices and tools made use of have to come from the run. Falls, necromancies, hirelings and Auren that trigger damage are additionally forbidden.

What is so unique concerning the run? A Pacific Run differentiates that gamers need to never ever strike themselves. Challengers might just be defeated by creating themselves to damage themselves-i.e. via thorns as well as Co

This means that individuals just remain special impacts such as thorn damages over specific aurates and also abilities. If they in turn assault the player, this creates damage to challengers. Survival becomes the most important factor.

_ The video for his run we have actually incorporated right here for you: _

50 hrs for the very first Pacific Run on Hell in Diablo 2

Exactly how did Macrobioboi do that? The Youtuber played a sorceress in his run. In order to be able to beat challengers, he depend on a special residential property of shield.

If you are hit, in Diablo 2 there are things that can trigger spells or effects. In the instance of Macrobioboi, he put Nova magic, which also plays a crucial role in Damage-Builds.

That was the fantastic trouble: A special challenger in Akt 4, Lord de Seis, is entirely unsusceptible to cool damages as well as almost immune to mostly all other elements, depending on his random modifiers.

In enhancement, his attacks do not set off thorns or comparable results. Macrobioboi needed to make use of the reality that challengers strike him as well as trigger his Nova to slowly beat the miniboss. This takes a while.

He lastly screwed the chance of setting off 100 % high. As an illusionist, he had an extra accessibility to useful safety spells, such as different shield that injury in the occasion of hits.


Nova develops an area around the hag that triggers challengers. The magic itself would be prohibited, but because it is activated by a thing impact in the event of a hit, Macrobioboi does not violate the regulations.

He took control of 50 hrs for his run, as the YouTuber himself explains-23 minutes only for the final boss. Yet that was still faster than someone that definitely intended to have all things:

Player wagers for practically 2 months for the Holy Grail in Diablo 2 Resurrected-Breaks Record

The YouTuber Macrobioboi has actually attained what lots of followers of Diablo thought was impossible: Indiablo 2: Resurrected he killed the end boss Baal on the highest possible difficulty hell without ever before striking a single challenger. What is so special regarding the run? A Pacific Run distinguishes that gamers need to never ever assault themselves. Exactly how did Macrobioboi do that? ** The Youtuber played a hag in his run.