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How to make iron rods in Farthest Frontier

Like all other resources in Farthest Frontier, the supply of iron ingots is necessary for your progress. After you improve your town hall to the third level, you will go to the Iron Age. And then iron bullion appear. This leadership tells how you will receive iron and melt it into iron bullion in Farthest Frontier.

how to get iron

To get iron ore in Farthest Frontier, you can find iron ore deposits next to the mountain marked on the map with a piece of silver material.

Having discovered the iron ore deposit, you will build an iron mine near the area in a flat area after you improve your city center to level 2 and build a van store.


how to make an iron ingot

As soon as you begin to extract iron ore, you will focus on improving the city center to level 3 to build a foundry plant. To update the city center, you will need

  • 100 boards
  • 100 clay
  • 1200 gold
  • 125 citizens

After you update your city center, you will focus on the construction of a trading post. To build a foundry shop, you will need one heavy tool, which will ultimately appear in the offices of the merchant. In the end, you will need heavy tools for the construction of windmills, forges and much more.

As soon as you get one heavy tool, you will build a foundry from the construction section, and you will need a constant supply of iron ore and coal to melt them into iron ingots.