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Explanation of the Twitch Integration of Cult of The Lamb

The newest game of Massive Monsters, Cult of the Lamb, presents a unique concept in which players assume the role of a resurrected lamb that seeks to appease a mysterious entity through the construction of a massive cult. Before the game launch, Twitch announced that a new extension will be added to the transmission platform created specifically for Cult of the Lamb to involve spectators in the worship creation festivities of their favorite transmitters. This is what you need to know about the Twitch integration of Cult of the Lamb and how it works .

How does Twitch integration of Cult of the Lamb work?-Answered

In shorts, The Twitch integration of Cult of the Lamb allows viewers to participate in the games of their favorite streamers in a variety of different methods. .

As a transmitter, spectators can influence their game through rewards or causing problems. The spectators can contribute channel points to a Twitch totem that will then give the transmitter a random reward once the totem has received enough channel points. Another area in which spectators can influence is through help or hindered events. The spectators can vote if they want to help or obstruct the transmitter, and then they can vote what specific result they would like to happen.

Cult of the Lamb uses a powerful dark magic behind its incredible integration/extensions of @twitch and we have the highlight to try it. pic.twitter.com/x721n8mdp9

-Return digital (@devolverdigital) August 5, 2022

Finally, spectators can become members of the cult of a streamer. This method is done through a raffle system and, if you choose it, a spectator can go through the process of creating a member of the sect, name said member with the name of it and go crazy in the community.

To enable this extension, simply go to the Companion of the Lamb Twitch extension on its board and enable the extension. As an affiliate or Twitch member, you have the option of enabling bits as a method to turn on the totem or give followers the option to use bits to unlock premium cosmetics.

That is all you need to know about how the Cult of the Lamb Twitch extension works . In addition to Twitch, Cult of the Lamb has received great praise, so be sure to consult our review of what makes it so good. We also have a lot of content to help you in your search for the construction of a cult, such as how to deal with dissident followers, how to make the coins fast or seven tips and tricks to help you start.

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