Final Fantasy XIV

How to open the island sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV

The island sanctuary is perhaps the most anticipated function ever added to the Final Fantasy XIV. The escape from the island where you can live a peaceful life, engaged in agriculture and breeding animals, it is not surprising that the players demanded this within a few months. So, how to open the island sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV?

access to the island sanctuary of Final Fantasy XIV

After the Patch 6.2 release, you can access the quests chain to very easily unlock the island sanctuary. Just go to old Charlaan and find NPC named stupid herald (x: 11.9, y: 11.0) . They will be pretty close to the central square of the etherite, and there will be a blue quest marker above them.

Talk to stupid herald to start a chain of quests that will bring you to the island sanctuary. Be patient, as this will contain a reasonable amount of exposition, but very soon you will be ready to live on your own paradise island!


Leaving the island sanctuary

You can leave the island sanctuary at any time using return or teleport but if you prefer, you can use a boat located at (x: x: 9.2 y: 28.3). You can also visit the islands of other players, including your friends, members of a free company or members of your group. You can do this by talking with NPC named Baldin in Lower La Nosaa (x: 24.9 y: 34.8) .

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