Final Fantasy XIV

How to get a gorilla in ffxiv

In Final Fantasy XIV you can be transferred through the air and on the ground on a giant gorilla. This means of transportation, the official name of which is Ufiti, can only be obtained in a certain way. Here’s how to get a gorilla in FFXIV

Obtaining Ufi’s Horn in Final Fantasy XIV

The gorilla is called with the horn of Ufiti. To get your own horn of Ufi, you need to exchange 8400 SkyBuilders certificates for NPC. Eni (special) in the sky. They are located in x: 12, y: 14.1 near mattok .

Sky Builders scripts can be obtained for creating unique items for Ishgard restoration or gathering on an expedition to diadem . Ultimately, what method you choose depends on your levels of collection and craft. If you are a high-level craft, it will be easier for you to follow the path of craft. If your botanist or a higher-level miner, go to the diadem.

To create 8400 SkyBuilders scripts requires about 20-30 hours of collection, so this is a pretty significant work. About the same amount of time is spent on making a sufficient amount of materials for the same amount.

The Ufiti horn was previously available as a reward for 50 non-standard tombstones of truth during the event Treasury of Muglov-Hunting for Truth. However, this ended on August 22 before the launch of a patch 6.2. Ishgard restoration is now the only way to get Ufi.

about the gorilla Ufii


Ufiti used to be Fate Boss in diadem, when this zone was an area of military operations. When the diadem turned into a place to collect, Ufi turned into a collective vehicle. Unlike some maunts, Ufiti has dozens of different driving and animation styles for each race and gender. You will see that Ufi carries Lalafels and Miko’Ti completely different than Roagadine and Hur. Be vigilant when the next time you will see Mount!

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