Final Fantasy XIV

How to start the main plot tasks 6.2 in Final Fantasy XIV

For many, the main feature of any main patch in Final Fantasy XIV is plot missions. After the main plot quest was finally updated for the first time after Patch 6.1, many want to continue their journey with Scions and the Endwalker post-game. So how do you start the main plot tasks 6.2 in Final Fantasy XIV?

Starting MSQ for Correction FFXIV 6.2

The starting point of the main plot quests (MSQ) versions 6.2 is in RADZ-At-Khan . You will need to talk with NPC Warscle which is located at x: 4.4, y: 9.8 , not far from the satrap palace. If the quest marker is not there, check once again whether you have completed all the MSQ quests until this moment, including the quest quest 6.1, the debt of the satrap. Do this to start the quest line for 6.2 MSQ.

What to expect from 6.2 msq?

It is expected that at 6.2 we will make our first trips to the void, trying to learn more about the mysterious kingdom. We will accompany Warslan, who will travel into the void, trying to save his sister.

In addition, we are guaranteed a new dungeon, a new test and an extreme version of this test. In combination with the huge addition of the island sanctuary, a large number of PVP changes and a large number of additional content, the 6.2 patch should become one of the largest and best in the content cycle after Endwalker.

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