Final Fantasy XIV

All new tasks of the main scenario (MSQ) in Final Fantasy XIV with a patch 6.2

With the addition of a patch 6.2 in the Final Fantasy XIV, the game received the update of the main plot tasks (MSQ). This is the main advantage of Final Fantasy XIV for many players, since the main plot is quite fascinating and exciting. Below we have listed all the quests of the main scenario in FFXIV Patch 6.2.

We also described in detail the starting locations, quests and any unlocks. If you want to avoid spoilers, do not read on!

All quests MSQ 6.2 ffxiv

In search of Azdaji

  • Radz-At-Khan (X: 4.4 Y: 9.8)
  • Warsaw
  • Opens the Fell Court of Troia dungeon.

shaded residues

  • The fallen yard of Troy (X: 10.1, Y: 10.3)
  • Warsaw

where it all starts

  • Punishment cell (x: 11.4, y: 12.0)
  • Messenger of the abyss in dark mantles

Incuse in the dark

  • Troy fortress (X: 14, Y 7.2)
  • Estinien

Nowhere to run

  • Domain Zero (X: 5.0, Y: 6.8)
  • Zero

The wind rises

  • Domain Zero (X: 5.2, Y: 4.7)
  • Zero
  • Unlock the test of the storm crown

Return from the Void

  • Domain Zero (X: 5.2, Y: 7.1)
  • Warsaw

World with light and life

  • Guest chambers of Megadut (X: 3.5, Y: 3.5)
  • Y’stola

Buried memory

  • Dharma, Radz-At-Khan (X: 7.9, Y: 12.4)
  • Warsaw

And these are all MSQ quests for a patch 6.2 ffxiv. It is also recommended to perform an additional side quest Shadowed Pasts, available in radiant intelligence, who is in x: 4.8, y: 11.8 in RADZ-Han.

This new side quest was added in patches 6.2 and gives additional information about MSQ, including many enemies and characters presented in the patches. It is definitely worth playing if you are a fan of Laura FFXIV.

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