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How to free minions at FFXIV Isand Sunctuary

The new Island Sanctuary mode in Final Fantasy XIV is probably one of the best characteristics that will be included with patch 6.2. With an entire island for you to grow, here there is a lot of informal content to enjoy. Here is How to release minions in your Island Sanctuary in FFXIV .

Releasing Minions at FFXIV Isand Sectual

After getting access to the island’s sanctuary, you will first want to complete all the tutorial missions with Congratulations Furball. You will learn how to collect and manufacture items, and Furball will then unlock the release function for you.

In the Icend Sanctuary menu box, click on the Minions icon, then select an area in the Sanctuary from the new window that appears. Click the Select Minion button at the bottom, then select the minions in your inventory you want to release in that particular area.

Image source: Square Enix through minions

You can always recover minions from this menu too, and keep in mind that you can only have 40 minions around the sanctuary at any time. You must remember some of them if you want to launch new ones.

Release subjects in the sanctuary does not provide any benefit in the game, but it is definitely nice to see all your subjects collected simply wandering the island on your own. Basically they are cosmetic decorations that you can use to add a little style to your new island and make it look a little more populated.

That is all you need to know about How to free minions at FFXIV Isand Sanctuary . Be sure to consult the rest of our FFXIV 6.2 coverage, including our Fell Court of Troia dungeon guide and how to unlock the new Abyssos incursions.

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