Dev Sisters, Cookie Run Brick Collection 2

Dev Sisters (co-representative Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jong-hun) announced on the 26th that it has launched the brick collection ‘Gom Jelly Hot Airborne’ and ‘House of Sugar’ at the Cookie Run Store.

New Brick Collection ‘Gom Jelly Hot Pole’ and ‘House of Sugar’ are the symbolic architecture of cookie run: Kingdom in all kingdoms, such as cookie castles.

An event that sells ‘Brick Cookies All-Package’, which consists of three kinds of new products, and a house of sugar, at a discounted price, will also be held on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Brick Collection is a product that can make the buildings and sculptures in the game with bricks. This was first released.

The Kingdom Cookie Castle, consisting of 1,454 bricks, reproduced the characteristics of cookie castles, the representative building of ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’, and accounted for more than 23.5% of global store sales as of the end of July after the store opened. It is the highest popularity as the No. 1 product.

The Brick Collection is planning a new product of Cookie Run: Oven Brake theme as the next series. The company aims to launch the product within the year, and will focus on diversifying the product line in the store according to the user needs that want various goods in the form of collecting.