Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: This is the time that Game Freak has been developing his last game

When scarlet and purple Pokémon were revealed for the first time earlier this year at the Pokémon present, two very different teams were formed: the skeptics who wondered how Game Freak could have developed legends Pokémon Arceus and this title at the same time, and the usual ones that suspected whatever.

It happened that a new work of the main series would see the light in 2022 or 2023. Regardless of the chosen team, we must admit that The announcement of the ninth generation was too close to the launch of Arceus (in January) and the doubt It could arise: how could a medium-sized development team work in two games, one completely changing the playability of the license, and another bringing new creatures and being an open world? Game Freak has just given an official answer to this question and now we understand everything a little more.

Scarlet and Purple Pokémon: The most ambitious title of the franchise

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple is, with much difference, the most ambitious delivery of the Pokémon franchise. The reason? It is the first time that a main game offers a true open world to explore freely and in the order you want. With the ninth generation, a series of novelties such as teracristization, legendary motorcycles or even choice in the missions of history will also be added. But a question torments players about the quality of the title: Game Freak has given enough development time to the game?

At a recent conference held as part of the Computer Entertainment or CEDEC Developers Conference, the developer openly spoke about how they created assets for each franchise title. From red and fire to the last games of the series, Game Freak talked about how different effects are used to improve the graphics of the game with each generation. There was also talk about how long Game Freak usually dedicates to working in a title of the Pokémon franchise.

¿Pokémon Legends Arceus and scarlet and purple Pokémon developed at the same time?


Game Freak confirmed, for example, that work at Pokémon Scarlet and Purple started just when he was finishing work in Pokémon sword and shield. Therefore, it can be assumed that the company began to develop this game at the end of 2019, which gave it a little more than 3 years to create and perfect it.

A typical period of time for Game Freak that believes that this is the optimal amount of time to dedicate to a Pokémon title. According to them, Legends ** Pokémon Arceus would also have taken 3 years to develop. Anyway, it seems that Arceus has laid the foundations of the open world that we will find in scarlet and purple, and that the development of the two titles has been made in parallel with two separate equipment.