Knockout city

Horror PVPVE shooter HELL IS OTHERS Steam will be distributed on October 20. A gunfight in the night city to grow blood -hungry bonsai

Publisher A List Games announced on August 29 that it will distribute a survival horror shooter Hell is Others jointly developed by Strelka Games and Yonder on October 20. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). According to Steam’s store page, the game seems to support Japanese display.

Hell IS OTHERS is a top-down shutter that combines online PvP and PVE elements. The protagonist is Adam Smithson, who lives in an apartment in a city called Century City. He makes bonsai as his only hobby. However, in this world, it is necessary to give blood to grow plants. He regularly goes to the city to procure blood.

Century City has different distinctive sections, such as commercial facilities, housing, churches, hospitals, and parks, and seems to be a vast map expressed as a city. In addition, this work adopts a viewpoint from directly above, and the building is visualized on the first floor. You can enter the building, and the player seems to first get the items while searching.

Since this work is an online PVP, there are other players in the map. Everyone plays the same Adam Smithson, but they seem to be expressed like a black monster except for himself. Various guns such as pistols, shotguns, and rifles are prepared in the weapon, fighting while using them properly. From the defeated enemy, you can get blood with the collected items.

And as a PVE element, a strange monster with a black figure wanders around everywhere in the city. Monsters have a variety of varieties and attack the players in search of blood.

Battle in the city has a time limit, and you have to return to the apartment before the time runs out. If you don’t make it, you’ll lose the collected items. In order to return to the apartment, you can find an elevator that appears somewhere on the map. However, other players also need an elevator as Adam Smithson. It is likely to be forced to fight by escaping from the city.

As mentioned earlier, bonsai in the apartment needs blood, and gradually grows when given the blood obtained in the battle. For some reason, it is said that you can harvest bullets from bonsai where you grew up. By giving fertilizer, you can grow different types of bonsai, and the ammunition that can be obtained differs depending on the type. It is said that various effects are added, such as bouncing the shooting bullets and suppressing gunshots.

An element that customizes the apartment room is also available. Furniture, furniture, home appliances, etc. can be placed freely. This is not just a factor, but each customization item has an effect such as perk. If you enhance your room, you will work at the same time in the city’s survival.

Hell IS OTHERS will be distributed on October 20 for PC (Steam). In addition, the closed beta test of this work will be conducted for two days from September 3, Japan time. You can participate in the beta test by requesting access from Participating in Hell IS OtherS Playtest on Steam’s store page. If you are interested, please apply.