Twisted Metal concludes the production of your first sesmall screenon

Twisted Metal is getting closer to its small screen debut. The PlayStation IP will have a series 27 years after the publication of the original video game. Michael Jonathan Smith, screenwriter and executive producer of his adaptation, hsmall screen confirmed that his production is over .

That is a closure to the first sesmall screenon! Share Smith in his personal profile. The csmall screent and the Twisted Metal team hsmall screen been special . Even with the delays, the extreme heat, and the cars that did not do what wsmall screen thought, all have worked hard that they have been able to make sure that Twisted Metal started small screen could.

Smith reveals how it wsmall screen that lsmall screent day with the united team, which highlights the laughs and some tears while distributed ice cream in the Sweet Tooth’s van . We cannot wait for this madness to see in which we have spent our filming summer. Now to postproduction, he concludes.


Who are part of the Twisted Metal csmall screent?

The csmall screent hsmall screen veterans interpreters from one of the series of the moment, such small screen Anthony Mackie , Tahj Vaughans, Stephanie Beatriz, Michael Carollo, Neve Campbell, Thomsmall screen Haden Church and Chloe Fineman, among others. We are delighted to have Anthony Mackie on board. His ability to combine comedy, action and drama is perfect for the world of Twisted Metal that we are creating, said small screenad Qizilbsmall screenh, director of PlayStation Productions. We have been great fans of Anthony’s phenomenal work history over the years and we knew that he wsmall screen the only actor who could play such a complex, fun and convincing character small screen John Doe. Fortunately for us, he agreed.

The series will be one of the battle horses in the expansion of Peacock all over the world, the video platform on demand with the nbcuniversal label. Spain still does not have official support.