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World of tanks: largest update of the year

Globe of Tanks currently makes up over 600 tanks, the designers of Wargaming are not tired of continuously finding new cars and also bringing the steel giants into play. As well as that is specifically what occurs with update 1.18 According to Wargaming, this is the greatest upgrade of the year and also appropriately it consists of greater than a couple of brand-new automobiles.

The designers straight bring an entirely brand-new branch into play, which consists of half a loads new tanks. There is also a new card, various optical revisions and a renovation for the intermediator. The last specifically was tested by the gamers.

World of tanks (purchase currently EUR 34.99) upgrade 1.18.

With the largest update 2022, six Italian hunting tanks come into play. Starting with Tier v to Tier X. These are not imagination products, but the virtual result of numerous, partially incomplete, styles of the Italian army. A few of them exist as metal models, yet none of the tanks have actually ever before seen the fight. The complying with designs are:

With the station, there is additionally a brand-new card in the video game. The unique point about it is that the map was figured out by the players as part of the spy usage. There, the tank drivers were presented numerous cards as a model and also eventually a great deal of their selection on this summertime permit with some damages as well as an impressive fortress.

Wargaming intends to make some adjustments to the intermediator guaranteeing that there is less inequality in the suits. Both teams need to be the very same as possible the same number of light tanks as well as wheelworkers. From Tier VII, there need to likewise be nothing greater than one of such a lorry per train. In the situation of weapons, the so-called self-driving bunnies, a maximum of two per team need to appear in all fights.

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| Tier V : Semovente M41| Tier VI: Semovente M43 Bassato| Tier VII: Semovente Controcarro Mod. 1956 (SMV CC-56).| Tier VIII : Semovente Controcarro Mod. 67 (SMV CC-67).| Tier IX: Controcarro 1 Mk. 2.| Tier X : Controcarro 3 Minotauro.


World of Tanks currently consists of over 600 tanks, the developers of Wargaming are not tired of repetitively locating brand-new lorries as well as bringing the steel titans right into play. According to Wargaming, this is the largest update of the year as well as appropriately it consists of more than one or 2 brand-new vehicles.

In the photo gallery you will certainly discover the brand-new tanks and also a couple of impressions of the new card: .

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station pass away brand-new card.

The Italian searching tanks are mainly characterized by solid front armor and a high angle of inclination of the cannon. From Tier VII they likewise have a car loader, that makes them even much more harmful.

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improvements for the intermediator.

The developers directly bring a totally new branch into play, which includes half a dozen brand-new tanks. With the greatest upgrade 2022, six Italian hunting tanks come into play. There, the container drivers were presented numerous cards as a model as well as eventually a great deal of their selection on this summer green card with some damages as well as an excellent citadel.

Philipp Sattler.

Semovente M41 (Tier V) [Resource: Wargaming]
Apart from these large topics, the programmers have actually adjusted lots of little things. The visuals was changed and also things such as vehicle traces or departing chains need to currently be seen better. In enhancement, some automobiles were newly heavy and also there were numerous, smaller sized balancing adjustments. You can figure out more on the official Wargaming page.