Dark Souls, Elden Ring and Co. – The 7 coolest areas in Souls

The games of From software application not only persuade with their excellent boss fights, yet also send us to mystical, occasionally unpleasant as well as dark locations. We have actually put together the locations that fascinated us one of the most in our journeys.

Important! This is our very personal selection. We also committed ourselves to choose only one area from each game.

Tower of Latria: Devil’s Souls

It is precisely the horror themes that we suched as so a lot. There are likewise exciting minutes in discovering how when we follow throaty yelling or tender vocals to satisfy NPCs.

The Latria tower is an area that is absolutely polarized. Besides, it is a relatively dark torment driver in which we are handling nasty tentacular opponents.

Anor Londo: Dark Souls


In as well as around the castle, obstacles such as archers await us that are merely put in difficult places and also among the best-known manager battles of From software application: Ornstein and also Smaug. Furthermore, we fulfill onion knights Siegmeyer and also the huge smith and also can uncover very regular keys for the games, namely the coloured world of Ariamis as well as the dark Anor Londo. Not surprising that from software allows us return to the castle in Dark Souls 3, even if the building then shows up in a different state.

It may not be the most creative and also unexpected choice, yet if an area is particular of the Dark Souls series, it is Anor Londo. The wonderful Gothic castle with its thousand battlements and turrets as well as the unpleasant knights was the best highlight of the ready us. Currently the means there is great staged with the devils that provide us a flight with a trendy scenic sight.

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It may not be the most creative and also surprising pick, but if a location is characteristic of the Dark Souls series, it is Anor Londo. In addition, we satisfy onion knights Siegmeyer and also the gigantic smith as well as can discover very normal tricks for the games, namely the coloured globe of Ariamis and also the dark Anor Londo. No marvel that from software lets us return to the castle in Dark Souls 3, also if the structure then shows up in a different state.

Palace of the original resource: Sekiro.

The royal residence of the original source merely resembles a paint: the trees in complete flower, the moss-covered roofings of the houses that are straight in the water, a network of bridges, water lilies and also a waterfall. There is also an almost meditative soundtrack.

The funding Leyndell is simply excellent which alone due to the fact that of the gigantic measurements: high walls, mighty and also dazzling buildings, substantial statuaries. Just when we inadvertently teleport ourselves to the large bridge reasonably at the beginning of the video game, we can be surprised.

Leyndell: Elden Ring.

When we lastly reach the interior of the city, we anticipate requiring battles in narrow streets and also a lot to uncover, such as a big underground area with well-hidden accessibility and also other story-relevant secrets.

Shulva City of the sanctuary: Dark Souls 2 (Crown of the Sunken King).

After that, we can explore the city, which also makes a great deal of points out of neighboring as well as make struggles demanding.

We additionally committed ourselves to choose just one location from each game.

research study hall: Bloodborne (The Old Hunters).

The surrounded city: Dark Souls 3 (The Ringed City).

When it comes to the fights, the area is much less stress-free. Nonetheless, if you have penetrated to this point in the video game, you should likewise be able to handle this.
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With Dark Souls 3, too, it is in the DLC and the city that gives us into the title-giving. A lot collaborates: first off an interesting foresight, then the experience when we are contended by a military of phantom warriors for the very first time and also need to learn how we make it through.

A DLC area liked us best in Dark Souls 2.

The degree architecture is additionally intriguing due to the fact that it supplies a little bit extra verticality as well as we are taking place at various degrees and also press hidden buttons.

A DLC location liked us finest in Dark Souls 2. In basic, the 2nd part of the series brings a much less dark, however more mysterious ambience. Shulva looks specifically mystical as well as the sight over the city is extremely outstanding.

In Bloodborne, also, the area in DLC and just like Devil’s Souls is a location with a particularly strong scary motive. The research hall is a lab in which unpleasant experiments are accomplished and also we experience geqäulte souls.

The scary state of mind and soundscape, with each other with the story hackes we obtain, have especially concurred. Here, also, from software program in regards to degree style has actually created something unique with the stairways that we have to leave down.

Now you are asked: Which areas attracted you the most and what do you consider our option? .