Roll: Wildlift Asias strongest team is held

Invitational exhibitions are held to cover the best teams in the wildlift Asia.

Riot Games will hold the League of Legends Mobile Game ‘League of Legends: Wildlift’ Asia Invitational Competition ‘Wild Circuit Asia Invitational 2022’ online from the 5th to 9th.


It is a new tournament that will be presented in one month after the end of the global championship ‘ICONS’, which was the strongest team gathered in eight regions of the world.

In Korea, Rollster Y, Guangdong Prix, and Live Sandbox are sought. ) Team Flash (TF), Buriram United (BRU).

The group stage will be held from 5th to 7th, and the playoffs will be held on the 8th and 9th. Guangdong Prix, which was the representative of Korea, was organized in Group A, Rollster Y and Live Sandbox.

More specifically, Group A has been placed in Southeast Asia’s Team Flash, Flash Wolves, Japan’s Unidented Staff Gaming, and Korea Guangdong Prix.In Group B, Korea’s Rollster Y and Live Sandbox In Southeast Asia, the Rex Raum Gum Quant and Buriram United were located.

The total prize money is $ 40,000 (about 52 million won), with $ 2,500 in the first place, $ 12,000, the second place $ 7,000, the third place $ 6,000, the fourth place $ 5,000, and the 5-8th place.

The relay is included by the caster ‘Dangun’ Kim Eui-jung, Park Jin-young, ‘Kokko Kat’ Ko Soo-jin, and ‘Horror’ Kim Hyo-jong commentator. The game can be viewed on LCK Twitch Channel, Wildlift esports Twitch Channel, African TV, YouTube, and Naver Sports.