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When does the hunter x hunter return? Explained

Congratulations! You have read all the material to consume of Hunter X Hunter. However, now you have stayed with the same hot question as all fans of the series do at one time or another: When does Hunter X Hunter return? , And why did a pause make? After all, he left things right in the middle of an arc, and at that time there was no real explanation of why he was interrupted. Fortunately for you, we have compiled all the answers you are looking for in this guide.

When does the hunter x hunter return? Answered

To start, let’s be clear: The hunter x hunter will probably return soon. This is because the author of the series, Yoshihide Togas hi, has confirmed that at least one new chapter is complete and another is in the process of completing. He confirmed it through a public Twitter account that he created earlier this year, and since then he has continued to provide updates on the progress of the series through that account.

However, it is worth noting that an exact launch date of when these chapters can be read through the printed publications of Shōnen Jump or through their digital points of sale has not been provided.

Likewise, It was confirmed that the next volume of the series, volume 37, will be launched in Japan on November 4 of this year. The volume will compile the 381-390 chapters, covering all the available material that is not yet He has put in a Rangoon.

When does the English translation of HXH volume 37 come out?

A launch date for an English translation of the volume has not yet been provided, and it will probably not do so until 2023 given the usual launch pattern for the volumes of Hunter X Hunter in the West. Anyway, both are excellent signs that the series is gaining force again, and that it will soon see more content launched for it in some way.

Why Hunter X Hunter does pause so often?

Unfortunately, it is quite likely that the series will pause again in a short time, and the reason for this is quite unfortunate. After launching his Twitter account and providing information on the state of the Hunter X Hunter series, Togas hi also revealed that the main factor that contributes to his many pauses are the continuous health problems of him.

Most of these problems are related to his back and have largely limited how much can work or even work on a day-to-day basis. As a result, the continuation of the series can and will be subject to the physical needs and well-being of Togas hi.

This is far from being a strange fact in the manga industry or even among the authors that contribute to Shōnen Jump. Several have had to take prolonged breaks to create new chapters for their series due to persistent health problems, and some series have had to retire completely because the author is no longer physically capable of completing them.

As such, it is the best possible scenario that Togas hi is throwing something for the series. With this in mind, you must address the delayed launch of new chapters with patience, as well as understand that Togas hi may need to leave the series unfinished by his own well-being.

Regardless, we will continue monitoring the series, and we will maintain this updated guide with the most recent information available.

Hopefully this is clarified when the hunter x hunter manga returns. To get more information about the series, see the articles related below. We also have a lot of other anime contents to see, including lists of the best anime villains and the best anime sensing (both include Hunter X Hunter characters).

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