Head of Twitch content leaves his post after payment controversy to streamers

Recently the Twitch platform has armed a new controversy, since the new payment policies implemented were somewhat unfair to the largest content creators. And now, one of the most important people in the corporate has decided to leave her stall strangely after having exploded this news.

The senior vice president of global creators of Twitch told employees that she will leave the company the same day that changes in the way in which the video game transmission platform will pay the best talents will be announced.

In a letter obtained by Bloomberg , Constance Knight mentioned the following:

I am embarking on a new adventure that gives me exciting opportunities for both professional and personally, which is also on the subject of creators.

Twitch refused to comment on the resignation of Knight or the feeling in the company, and it is not clear if the game of Knight is related to the salary problem. Although mentioning that she will continue in the creators environment and already passed by YouTube E Instagram , it is likely that the next step is to work on the platform of the moment, TikTok .

Way: Bloomberg