Near Automata TV Animation released in January 2023

In addition to the latest information of the ‘Near: Automata’ animation project, which made the hearts of the near series fans, the official SNS page, main visual, and broadcasting schedule were released.


The news of the Near Automata series was first released in February. The teaser released at the time only contained news that the TV animation project was decided, and there was no information on the exact information or broadcast schedule. About half a year later, the specific outline was revealed.

The official title of the animation is ‘Near: Automata Ver1.1a’, which will begin broadcasting in January 2023. The director was determined to be Rio Masada, who worked on ‘Blend S’, and was in charge of A-1 Pictures and distribution at Any flex. The composition of the animation series was directly played by Yoko Taro, the original director. The voices of the main characters 2B and 9s are played by Ashikaga Yew, and Katsuki voice actor who played each character in the original game.

Meanwhile, Near Automata is an action RPG launched by Square Enix and Platinum Games, which was released in 2017. It is a popular work with a cult story and worldview of Yoko Taro, and an attractive character design of Yeshiva Akihito. Beyond the release of the launch model, it has been transplanted into PCs, Xbox One, and even Nintendo Switch, and is also loved by gamers for a long time. Near Stomata’s Nintendo Switch transplant, The End of Korea Edition, will be released on October 3rd.