E3 2023 confirms your calendar and modify your organization to create exclusive press spaces

The E3 2023 will modify its usual organization to separate the part of the businesses with respect to the rest of the visitors. Reed pop, the producers of the event commissioned by the Entertainment Software sociation (ESA), confirm that next year’s edition will lead to between June 13 and 16 .

How will the new E3 be?

Game industry, the portal that h shared the details of the event, reveals that The first two days of the event will be reserved exclusively for the press . The third day, on the other hand, both professionals and external visitors will result. On June 16, when its doors closed, it will be focused solely on the players who want to approach.

The Los Angeles Convention Center will be divided into two halves. The first will be reserved for information professionals with quieter and more comfortable scenarios than the usual boiling of the fair. Reed pop will enable an application dedicated to e3 where appointments with developers can be arranged in several of the spaces dedicated to them.

External visitors, on the other hand, will have a more fluid access ** to Indies editors, where they will test their latest projects in situ. The community can also connect with companies through presentations that can be seen both in person and through the network.

The intention of the producer is to be able to create an improved space for all audiences, hence the separation is born to create a less chaotic climate. They also hope to reveal collaboration with companies that want to announce their games around the date of the event, regardless of them officially involved in it.

Christopher During, head of Games B2B in Reed pop, says in the article that open conversations with large companies are currently maintained. Who will go? That is the scenario in which the team is located. The plans are being sent, the conversations continue while they continue to sign collaborations. For what I have heard I am optimistic , but the team h to demonstrate that this is a different E3, with a group behind different and that it is committed to doing something genuinely good, he concludes.