Freefire: Furious Gaming takes triple booyah to close FF League Day 5

Round 2 of day 5 of the Free Fire League continues with very intense confrontations to continue in the search for the tip of the table, throughout last weekends we have seen that several squads take the victory, but that does not Define that they take a better position in the table because the game in departure has the same weight, with 8 maps that can change things we saw very intense duels.

Starting in Bermuda The aggression of the teams began with the search for weapons on the stage when falling, reaching the Furious Gaming squad took the first point of the victory. Then in Kalahari l as things turned green because Six karma turned on the accelerator to end the life of the rivals and conquer the victory.

Reaching purgatory The teams sought a better positioning to reach the final stage but Furious would have the last word to overthrow the opposites and take a second victory in the afternoon. Then in Alps the cold began to account for the survivors but the heat of Six Karma would be the one who came out to take another triumph for them.

In the second round in Bermuda he would have a repetition of what was lived inside the first map leaving the skull of the skull with total stage control to take the afternoon triplet. Taking the flight for Kalahari GNIS’s squad managed to drop several rivals leaving them with the controlled situation and a possibility of victory they took.

Reaching purgatory We see a fight where the squads showed great resources, but Arctic Gaming is the one that manages to excel the encounter with a victory that helps them a lot. Ending in Alps The Osaka squad would have in his hands the game to make their opponents show that they have many things to demonstrate on the following dates that remain.

The action in the weekend clashes concludes leaving a very motivated skull squad and with many victories that help them their positioning but with the results of the day GNIS maintains the first position of the table, Just two weeks after finishing the regular phase action, the teams begin to feel that the classification can be removed.