Call of Duty

The leak of the Modern War 2 goal list makes fans are afraid for ghost

The magazine day of Phone call of Obligation Modern Warfare 2 is getting more detailed, and also the names of his project missions might have been dripped via Infinity Wards. As it looks, there are some exceptional resemblances in between the Call of Duty Modern War 2 mission listing and the original variation from 2009-get all set ahead.

The missions will mostly put the players in the steps of John Soap Activist and also Kyle GAS Garrick. A goal, Strike, modifications things by playing over Simon Ghost Riley.

In a Reddit thread in the conversation concerning the alleged leakage, the fans swiftly have the parallel between strike-which plays in the fictional country of Kurdistan on the Georgian-Russian border-and Loosened Ends from the initial modern warfare-which likewise in the Caucasus region is located-noticed.

For those who are old enough to remember it, below Ghost discovers his austere end via the hands of Shepherd-it does not look excellent, although we can only really hope that he is extra lucky this time around.

According to the Leaker ‘Ghostofcum’-Patience with us-the campaign will report 15 missions that are either in 2020 or 2022: Intercept, Gunship Compound, Wounded, Stolen, Convoy, Broad Daylight, Event, Jail, Ghost Team, Tower, Network, Strike, baking tablet, dark water as well as night war. The list is not in any specific order.