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Best equipment and BP50 class in Warzone

The BP50 assault rifle was one of the latest types of weapons added to Call of Duty: War z1. He was introduced into the game with the update of Season 5 Reloaded. The weapon has high rate of fire and good control, characteristics that are ideal for dominant weapons. Here’s how to create the best BP50 class in War zone Pacific.

Best combat equipment zone bp50-support for snipers

Muzzle *: Impact amplifier
barrel : Leroy 438 mm Rapid
laser : Cr Laser
optical *: lump IC / Slants reflector
reserve : Remove the stock
magazine : 7.62 × 54 mm Round shops
ammunition *: subsonic
Rear handle : Leather handle
perk 1 : Fleet
* perk 2 : at hand

Although this weapon has potential for all distances, it is best suited for near and medium-sized battle, especially in a pair with a sniper rifle. This specific assembly of BP50 uses devices that increase the rate of fire and the characteristics of the mobility of the weapon, such as aiming down (ADS), a strip, movement and speed of a sprint to fire. Although these devices will give you maximum maneuverability, do not hesitate to change some of them at your discretion.

Best combat equipment zone bp50-long distance

Muzzle *: muffler MX
barrel : Deemed 540 mm PMH
Laser : Deemed ad flashlight
optical *: g16 2.5x
reserve *: Leroy Caste

magazine *: stores 5.6 mm per 60 rounds
ammunition : elongated
Rear handle : Polymer pen
perk 1 *: hard control
perk 2 *: fully loaded

You can certainly use BP50 at medium and distant distances, but the game has more powerful guns. However, try this assembly and find out if you like it. As in any other assembly for long-range battle, the devices shown in this assembly BP50 improve the control of the return, accuracy and speed of the weapon bullet. This will allow you to easily fight with the enemies that are further.

Best BP50 War zone class settings

Main weapon *: assault rifle BP50
Additional weapons : Lorenzo Anti-Tank gun / AX-50 / RA 225
deadly : Semtex
Tactical *: Steam
perk 1 : Fast repair
perk 2 : Excess
* perk 3 : amplifier

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