Use it for metro or taxi! Players whose licenses have been deprived in GTA V are talked about overseas

Players who have been forced to travel by public transportation in Grand Seep Auto V ( GTA V ) have become a hot topic on overseas bulletin board Reddit.

As many people know, you do not need any qualifications to drive a car with GTA V, and if anyone can get it, you can move by car from the beginning of the game. However, Los Santos has an organization called the San and Reads State Management Bureau, and you can take a license test on an in-game website.

This time, after taking this license exam, Motor designer, an overseas player and Reddit user who has failed, has been rejected. 3,400 likes gathered when he had to use public transportation in Subreddit in GTA V and to request a transfer to the base.


Because this exam, when you fail, you can use it again, use it in a metro or taxi! * I’m so cursed, but he seems to have really received this. In the first place, based on the contents of the exam, it is ridiculous, such as how to pick up a prostitute and the correct amount of gin while driving, but anyway, he thinks he cannot drive a car in GTA V in the future. It looks like it is.

In recent years, the GTA series, which was officially talked about in the leak case, is also a hot topic, but the current GTA V is still being excited with such a unique topic. In the future, the number of people who are trying to take legitimate driving qualifications in the game will increase, and at the same time, the number of public transportation users may increase.