Released in November for Steam Robo control action BOTS ARE STUPID in the program. Challenge difficult with simple coding

Publisher Forecast Games announced on October 5 that it will launch Bots Are Stupid in November 2022. The compatible platform is PC (Steam).

BOTS ARE STUPID is a 2D action game featuring programming elements. The player moves the robot and jumps from the scaffold to the scaffold. Occasionally, while using grappling hooks (grappling hooks), they aim to clear each stage while avoiding the thorns of instant death when touched. However, players do not operate robots in real time. The actions to clear by programming elements are set in advance and the robot is moved.

It is said that this work has a simple programming language that controls the robot. For robots, you can set the number of seconds of the WAIT, which is a command that determines the length of the action, such as Move/Jump/Stop/Hook/Unhook. The player will program all the necessary actions to clear the stage and watch the robot’s end. The program of each action can also be entered in text, and can be set by mouse operation such as drags and drops. Also, the commands required for the program are set as simple as possible. It seems that technical knowledge is not required in advance.

Includes more than 40 stages in the game. Depending on the stage, in addition to grappling hooks, gimmicks such as acceleration devices (Speed Boosters) and Belt Conveyor Belts are available. It also has an editor function that can freely create a stage for players. The created stage can be shared with players around the world. The leader board function is also available, so you can enjoy pursuing sophisticated programming that can clear each stage at the fastest speed.

The demo version is currently being distributed on Steam. In addition to 6 stages, the editor function is also possible. In the demonstration version, the game play that tried to operate the robot many times and repeated trials and errors was impressive. The sense of accomplishment when reaching the goal is also a good idea. If you get used to it, you may be able to predict the necessary programs just by looking at the structure of the stage. In ITCH.IO, the same name work BOTS ARE STUPID, which became the base of this work, is also being distributed. The Steam version scheduled to be released will be this full version.

BOTS ARE STUPID will be released in November 2022 for PC (Steam).