NO Mans Sky Basic Elements Ver4.0 Large Apde WayPoint distribution -All elements can be enjoyed with the settings of players!

On October 7, British Indie Blooper Hello Games distributed the latest update Waypoint to the science fiction action adventure NO Man’s Sky , which features automatic generation, and released the trailer.

Version 4.0 Large Update Waypoint distribution started

In this version 4.0 update, which is tailored to the release of the Nintendo Switch version, the basic elements of games such as the game mode, the size of the inventory, the milestone, and the collaborative exploration catalog have been greatly renewed.

The best change is that we have introduced a custom game mode that allows you to adjust the various specifications of the game into a player-like taste so that you can enjoy it even more difficult, depending on the style of the player. From the amount of resources, the risk strength at the time of death, the amount of damage caused by battles, the design drawing, etc., are almost grasped, acquired, or gain, shop prices, hostility, etc. You can change the competence, the battle frequency of the universe, etc.

In addition, hundreds of OIL improvements have been implemented, including inventory, missions, milestone systems, challenges, craft elements, and level caps.

The overall outline will be added later.