In KakaoTalk paralysis, a game linked to Kakao account is also

On the 15th, Pang yo SK C & C data center fires were suspended for Aka and the next major services, and game services that required Aka account linkage also became part of the game.

The fire occurred around 3:30 pm on the 15th. The fire has blocked the supply of power supply to areas where Aka server equipment is located, and obstacles occurred in related services. Among them, the games that Aka Games are being serviced include games that need to log in using the Aka account. Exactly, games that supported Aka account login caused access disorders and errors.

The games that had been logged in before the fire were able to enjoy the game without any problems. This is because Aka Login Server and Game Server Data Center are separated. However, if the login is automatically updated when the game is re-driving, it is impossible to log in. In addition, the game with the official café also had a problem with the café access, so gamers who tried to use the community were inconvenient. In addition, Aka Pay was also impossible to pay, so it was also braked in app payments.

Aka Nam Gung-hoon and Hong Sub-task said, I sincerely apologize to all users who are experiencing inconvenience due to service disorders.