Ezra Miller gives her statement regarding the accusations of robbery

It is not at all surprise that Ezra Miller is a reason for negative news on social networks, since from her incident in Hawaii things go worse to worse for the protagonist of The Flash . And now, he has declared himself innocent of all charges recently, something that is a bit contrasting, because not long ago he apologized.

A Miller was allowed to appear remotely at the dawn of this Monday for the session in the criminal division of the Superior Court of the state of Green Mountain , and it was told to stay away from the neighbor to whose house entered earlier this year. He was also prohibited from interacting with another resident of Vermont, Aiden Early, as a condition for his release.

Miller faces a maximum of 26 years after bars, as well as more than $2,000 USD in fines if he is guilty of the positions derived from the spring incident that involved stealing three bottles of liquor of the liquor of the Pantry of Winker .


Today’s audience in Vermont had originally been planned for E L September 26 , but was delayed at the end of this summer. With postponements on numerous occasions since it was first announced in 2014 due June of 2023. **

Now, Miller will have to comply with the rules, otherwise he could comply with his jail ruling and damage payment.

Via: Deadline