How to open the way to Arnaud in plague tale: Requiem

In the search for How to open the way to Arnaud in plague tale: Requiem? At a certain moment of the game, Arnaud falls into a nest of rats, and your goal is to open the way and take it out of the nest. That said, we will show you a detailed breakdown of the steps to open the path to Arnaud in Plague Tale: Requiem.

How to open the way to Arnaud in plague tale: Requiem

Saving Arnaud’s life in Plague Tale: Requiem is a slightly complicated task since the game needs you to act immediately at the time he falls into the nest of rats. Before moving forward, it is worth noting that you will need Episanguis and your crossbow to save him.

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Once Arnaud falls into the nest, lights the light source to isolate Arnaud from rats. After that, Hugo will point to you the yellow crystals called Episanguis and ask Arnaud to throw them. Keep the capital key on the PC, LB/L1 in the controller and then press E on the PC, triangle/and in the controller to grab Episanguis.

If you did not know, the episanguis can be found in or near Rat Nests, and are only used to make Doris shots that eventually attract rats.

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After creating Doris, play it between the torch candlestick and the shelf where Asia and Hugo are. This will allow Arnaud to reach the cornice with the crank tied to a wooden table, which you can shoot with crossbows. Order him lift the board and display with an Doris Bolt. Ask him to lower the table and then run to meet Alicia and Hugo.

That is done by opening the way to Arnaud in plague tale: Requiem. Before leaving, do not forget to consult some of our other contents related to plague tale: Requiem here in, as there will be a plague tale 3, as well as our complete and detailed review of the game. Alternatively, do not hesitate to consult the related content below.

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