CSGO: The Flow Fire League stays in the hands of Team Spirit after defeating Pain Gaming

Looking for the conquest in Spanish lands the Latin and Brazilian teams faced for several days at the Camp Nou to determine who would take the maximum trophy, through previous tournaments the squads could reach this point but only Team Spirit and Pain Gaming managed to leave Go ahead during the first rounds to get to the grand final where only one can take the crown.


During the first map dust2 the situation became very intense from the beginning with a Spirit team that began to take the front thanks to Patsy’s strength that gave accurate shots to be able to make the team of the team fall to the team of the team Pain, in the second half Pain Gaming did a great job to be stable to the point of turning thanks to Skull that dominates the rivals to get the first victory.

Moving to the second map Nuke was present where we would see again the Spirit team managed In the second part of the map the domain of the cavalry team knew how to master things on the stage to not let their rivals advance the situation in their favor to tie the series.

On a decisive map of Vertigo both teams were very even on the stage looking for any chance to take the final victory but the Spirit team would have different plans because they would not let the rivals react when putting rounds Fast in his favor, but the second half of the map would be too intense but Wonderful would be the executioner who gave the victory his squad.

After starting with a tropical during the first map the Spirit squad **, conquering the title in Spanish lands and demonstrating that the Serbian squad is the one that dominates the tournament with a strong roar.