Final Fantasy XIV

How to get wow! Wide emotion of gratitude in FFXIV

Most of any MMO is the interaction with the community and playing with friends. Final Fantasy XIV gives the player many ways to do this, but one of the most funny is to use emotions. A new emotion presented in update 6.25 and attracted the attention of fans is wow!. A wide emotion of gratitude. This can make you ask how to get WoW! The emotion sufficient gratitude in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to unlock wow! Wide emotion of gratitude in FFI


To unlock and get wow! The emotion sufficient assessment in the Final Fantasy XIV, which you must collect nine skulls and exchange them for this emotion. This can be done by talking with Tristan , NPC in Old Charisma. The coordinates of the location of Trissassan: X: 12, Y: 13.5.

You can get shards by completing the task SIL’Din Dungeon of which there are three versions: option , the dungeon of the criterion and the dungeon of a wild criterion. You will need nine skulls to get wow! Abundant emotion of gratitude, but more if you want to get everything that Trissassan sells.

Make sure you have equipped WoW! The emotion great appreciation as soon as you buy it from Trissassan. Then you can walk freely and express gratitude to your friends and other players for everything and for everything.

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