Lets nurture that monster! Ultra Monster Monster Farm Released -Cd search and Summoned from transportation IC cards

BANZAI NAMC Entertainment has released the monster training sim Ultra Monster Farm .

This is a monster training simulation game that combines the national special effects work Ultraman series and the monster training sim Monster Farm. In addition to nurturing more than 200 types of monsters such as famous monsters such as Alien Balkan and Cotton, you can synthesize monsters and create mysterious Ultra Monsters such as Dada-pattern Alien Balkan and Cotton pattern Loyola. I can do it.

Monsters can be produced by searching for the Monster Farm series familiar songs, and this work also supports NFC compatible devices such as transportation IC cards. It is said that the monsters born under some conditions will change. It is also born by registering the UMF code described in the commercially available trading card Ultradimension Card.

Born monsters can be trained by training, adventures, and training, and can participate in the battle tournament. However, if the stress is too tight, it may start rampaging and break the farm. In such a case, Ultraman may come to stop the runaway, and the battle with Ultraman will emit stress. Moderate rest seems to be important for relieving stress.

Ultra Monster Farm will be released today for Nintendo Switch.