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Modern Warfare 2: Check out the full list of advantages of multiplayer mode

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, you can choose from several advantages that are placed in different categories. They will be your class for your multiplayer sessions and the goal is to create the best build according to your gameplay. These features can be useful for your survival, protecting you from explosives, but also for your comfort when playing and we from MGG azil we made a list of all for you.

There have been many changes between Call of Duty: Vanguard and Modern Warfare 2, so to clarify a little, we set up this guide for you to have a base and know where to start.

Advantages in Modern Warfare 2, how does it work?

This year, the system is changing a little with totally different categories: basic advantages, bonus advantages and final advantages. You can compose your own combination of advantages after reaching Rank 4 in your game account.

Within the basic advantages, you can equip two, and they will be active at the beginning of each game. As for the bonuses and final advantages, you can only equip one of each.

Bonus and final advantages are unlocked throughout the game by achieving eliminations or assists. You can unlock them faster by completing the goals or being offensive. The more active you are in a match, the sooner you will have your full combination of four perks.

The list of basic advantages

In this list you can equip two of them and will be active at the beginning of each game. They are not very different from those already known in the franchise. Although there is news.

Overarm : Allows you to carry two main weapons.
Dash : doubles the duration of the tactical sprint. Increases the speed of motion crouching by 30%.
Battle Hardened : Reduces the effect of Flash, Stun, EMP, Gas Grenades and Shock Tricks. Immunity to fit grenades.
RAIDER : Allows you to replenish ammunition and knives in eliminated players.
Minefield : Allows you to receive less explosive damage, not in kill streaks/scores. Redefine fuse timers when taking grenades.
Tracker : Enemies leave behind a trail of footprints and the enemy’s death markers are visible. Death markers are hidden from the enemy team.
Strong arm : Play the equipment further and see a preview of the trajectory.
Extra tactical : You appear with an additional tactical accessory.

The list of bonus advantages

To get these features during a game, you will have to increase your score by making eliminations, playing points, or achieving goals related to your game mode.

Express Delivery : Grant with an additional lethal accessory. The equipment reloads in 25 seconds.
Observer : Allows you to locate enemy equipment, field improvements and kill streaks through the walls. Pointing down tourist spots highlight them to the team. Hackage enemy claymores, proximity mines, C4S and system trophies.
Cold Blooded : It becomes undetectable by AI directing systems and thermal optics. Does not fly the high warning. It does not highlight in enemy tactical cameras, recognition drones and detection lights.
Quick Hand : Allows you to recharge weapons, change weapons and use equipment faster
Determination : Reduces the cost of kill streak in an elimination. Reduce the cost of score streak by 125.
Focus : Reduces loss of control when aiming at the target and extends the length of the remnant.

The list of final advantages

These advantages take much longer to obtain than others. You will have to make a difference during your games to get it quickly or let the weather roll to finally activate it on your carrier.

High Alert : Your vision pulsates when an out-of-reach enemy detects you.

Ghost : Makes you undetectable for drones, portable radars and cardiac sensors.
Quick Regent : Killing players immediately activates health regeneration. Capturing and maintaining goals increases the health regeneration rate.
Overclock : stores an additional load of combat enhancement and increases recharge speed by 40%. Once active, receive a field update rate.
Survivor : Once lying down, you enter one Last Chance with the ability to self-revive once for life. Team colleagues can revive fallen players faster.
Bird’s Eye : Minimal is expanded. UAV and radar pings reveal the enemy’s direction. Once available, it activates a local UAV scan.