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All marvel Snap cards currently available (groups 1, 2 and 3)

Developed by Nu verse, Marvel Snap is a new and striking card battles set in the Marvel Universe, and presents tons of iconic superheroes and villains that fans will definitely be excited to see.
The game has not yet been officially, although interested fans can start registering for the beta test.
If you are looking for a list of All Snap Marvel cards that are currently available in the game Here is everything you need to know.
Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, since more cards will be added to Marvel Snap every month.
This is a list of all the cards that can be obtained in the game.

All Marvel Snap cards from Pool 1

  • Abomination
  • Cyclops

  • Hawkeye-Reveal: If you play a letter here the next turn, +2 of power.
  • Helmet
  • Iron Man-In progress: Your total power doubles in this location.
  • Medusa-Reveal: If you are in the central location, +2 of power.
  • Rumors Knight
  • Quicksilver: Start in your initial hand.

Centinel-Reveal: Add another sentry to your hand.
Disgusting surprise
Star-lord: Reveal: If your opponent played a letter here this turn, +3 power.
The Punisher: In progress: +1 Power for each letter opposite in this location.
The thing
ANT-MAN: In progress: If you have another 3 cards here, +3 of power.
Blue Marvel-In progress: Your other letters have +1 power.
Colossus-In progress: It cannot be destroyed, move or reduce its power.
Gamora-Reveal: If your opponent played a letter here this turn, +5 of power.
Ironheart-Revelating: grants 3 other friends +2 power.
Jessica Jones-Reveal: If you don’t play a letter here the next turn, +4 power.
Mazarin progress: Your 1 cost letters have +1 power.
Mister Fantastic-In progress: adjacent locations have +2 power.
Nightcrawler: You can move it once.
ODIN-ON REAL: Activate the skills on reveal of your other letters in this location.
Spectrum: Reveal: Grant your power +2 cards of power.
White tiger: In revelation: Add a tiger of 7 powers to another location.
Wolfsbane-on reveal: +2 power for each other letter you have here.
America Chávez: You always steal this letter in turn 6, and not before.
Angel: When one of your cards is destroyed, it flies out of your mallet to replace it.
Angela-When you play a letter here, +2 Power.
Apocalypse: When you discard this hand, put it again with +4 power.
Armor-In progress: Letters in this location cannot be destroyed.
Alfil-When you play a letter, this wins +1 power.
Sheet-Reveal: Discard a letter from your hand.
Cable-Reveal: Put the last letter of your opponent’s deck in your hand.
Captain America-In progress: Your other letters in this location have +1 power.
Carnage-on reveal: destroy your other cards here. +2 Power for each destroyed.
Common progress: the auditing skills will not happen in this location.
Deathlok-on reveal: destroy your other cards in this location.
Diablo Dinosaur-In progress: +2 power for each letter in your hand.
Doctor Strange-Reveal: move your higher power letters to this location.
Domino: you always steal this letter in turn 2, and not before.
Elektra-Revelating: destroys a random enemy letter of 1 cost in this location.
Enchantress-On Reveal: eliminates the skills of all current letters in this location.
Forge-Reveal: Grant the next letter you play +2 Power.
Groot-Reveal: If your opponent played a letter here this turn, +3 Power.
Heimdall-Reveal: move your other cards a location on the left.
Hulkbuster-Revelating: Must this letter with a random allied letter in this location.
Iron Fist-On Reveal: Move the next letter you play a place on the left after it is revealed.
Latin progress: The location on the right has +6 power.
Korg-Reveal: Bare a rock on your opponent’s deck.
Raven: When a letter moves here, get +2 of power.
Lady Sif-Reveal: Discard the highest cost of your hand.
Lizard-In progress:-3 Power If your opponent has 4 cards here.
Mantis-Reveal: If your opponent played a letter here this turn, steal a letter from his deck.
Mister Sinister-On Reveal: add a sinister clone to this location with the same power.
Moon Girl-On Reveal: Duplicate your hand.
Morph-On Reveal: Become a copy of a random letter in the hand of your opponent.
Multiple man: When this moves, add a copy to the previous location.
Morin progress: +5 power if this is your only letter here.
Nova: When this is destroyed, it gives your letters +1 power.
Embedida-In progress: Duplicate your other effects in progress in this location.
Professor X-In progress: Block this location.
Rocket Raccoon-Reveal-If your opponent played a letter here this turn, +2 power.
Scarlet Witch-In Revelation-Replace this location with a new random.
Spider-Woman-When revealing: it affects all the enemy letters here with power.
Squirrel Girl-On Reveal: add a squirrel of 1 power to each location.
Strong Guy-In progress: If your hand is empty, +6 power.
Sword Master-Reveal: Discard a letter from your hand.
BATU: Once you are in your hand, you can see the unleashed locations.
White Queen-Revelating: steals a copy of the largest letter in the hand of your opponent.
Wolverine: When I know

All SNAP letters from Pool 2 Marvel

  • Agent 13-Reveal: Add a random letter to your hand.
  • Bucky Barnes: When destroyed, the winter soldier creates in his place.
  • Capa-Reveal: The next turn, both players can move letters to this location.
  • EBONY MAW-In progress: You can’t play this after turn 3. You can’t play cards here.
  • Hobgoblin-on reveal-Your opponent gets control of this.
  • Iceman-Reveal-give a random letter in the hand of your opponent +1 cost.
  • Jubileo-Reveal: Play a letter from your deck in this location.
  • KillMonger-on reveal: destroys all the cards of 1 cost.
  • LEECH-ON REAL: Eliminate the skills of all letters in the hand of your opponent.
  • Morbius-In progress: +2 Power for every time you discarded a letter in this game.
  • Nakia-Reveal: Grant the 2 most to the left in your hand +2 Power.
  • Okoye-Reveal: Grant each letter from your deck +1 of power.
  • Rhino-on reveal: ruins this location.
  • Sabbath: When it is destroyed, return it to your hand. It costs 0.
  • Sandman-In progress: Players can only play 1 letter per shift.
  • Scorpion-on reveal: afflicts the letters in the hand of your opponent Con-1 power.
  • Shang-Chi-Revelating: destroys all enemy letters in this location that have 9 or more power.
  • Storm-Reveal: floods this location. The next turn is the last turn where cards can be played.
  • Surcharge: At the end of each shift, gain +1 power for each energy not spent.
  • Swarm: When this is discarded from your hand, add two copies that cost your hand.
  • The Collector: When a letter enters your hand from anywhere (except your deck), +1 power.
  • Infant: If you played a letter in the last turn, you can’t play this.
  • Vision: You can move this every turn.
  • Vulture: When this letter moves, +5 of power.
  • Warpath-In progress: If any of your locations are empty, +4 of power.

We will add all the cards of Group 3 to this article in the next few days.

That is done by all the letters currently available in Marvel Snap . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game, including a list of the best decks of groups 1 and 2, and how you can change the back of the cards.

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