Fortnite: Enter Chrom-Vortex-thats how it works

In our Guide for the Chrom-Vortex in Fortnite you can find out:

  • What a Chrom-Vortex is
  • Where on the map you will find a chrome-vortex

All other weekly tasks can be found in our large order guide to Fortnite.

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What is a chrome-vortex?

You have already seen a chrome-vortex when you played this Season Fortnite. On the map you can currently find huge tornados that consist of chrome. Such a tornado is officially referred to as Chrom-Vortex.

Where can I find a Chrom-Vortex in Fortnite?

As soon as a Fortnite match has started, two tornadoes appear on the map. If you don’t see a chrome-vortex from the bus, open the card and mark a tornado symbol . This symbol shows you the location of a Chrom-Vortex.

It is best to jump out near a Chrom-Vortex ’ and flies directly in. It is enough if you touch the edge of a tornado to complete the order.

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