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LOL: Will Faker retire after the 2022 Worlds? This is all we know about it

The professional careers of League of Legends had a clear tendency to be quite short. The main reason why many of the ‘pros’ of the first seasons put their end to their stay in the elite was the stress derived from the constant changes of the game or the demanding rhythm of life and training. However, the situation is not even remotely now that Faker has turned 26. Something that does not prevent the community from asking when the end of each competitive season approaches if that will be the last time they will see the Korean Mid.

Faker’s future after the Worlds 2022

Faker’s contract ends in just a fortnight and the situation, with the imminent World Cup final, invites fans to think of an end point. Perhaps a final goodbye after being crowned for the fourth time as world champion or perhaps a drop in arms after having pursued his goal after five years. However, and although it is normal for ourselves to mount our films in the absence of information, almost all information invite you to think that the Korean Liner will continue to compete next year whatever happens. A situation that could also be extended a few more years.

In all the interviews conducted to Faker that we have been able to consult recently, the Mid Later does not mention the possibility of retiring. In fact, as reflected by the local media Sports. Khan his father told a Korean journalist that sang-hyoek wants to play until he had completed the 30. Also, LS , who was about to be his coach two seasons A possibility that, seen its performance, seems more likely.

What Faker has spoken on several occasions is the importance of age for professional players. He did it in an interview with Horizon, another to Never and also in Invent Global. All these statements, without being definitive, seem to reinforce their intention to stay in the elite professional for some time. Finally and although military service is usually a cause of forced retirement among the professionals of League of Legends of South Korea, the player seems to be exempt by not having finished the high school (equivalent to the baccalaureate).

Everything is said, the truth is that only Faker knows-if he knows it-that he will pass with his future once the 2022 Worlds are finished. The team presents a competitive template and a coaching staff that allows fighting for the most important titles worldwide. The player seems to be satisfied with his life as a professional and money has never been able to get him out of a club with which next year he could sign his tenth season.