Mega Drive Mini 2 opened & play repo! The first mega drive was a treasure chest filled with dreams [Special]

We will deliver a new mini-hardware mega drive mini 2 released by Sega on October 27. This is the first time I have touched on Mega Drive. I was interested in this unit because it was announced that it would include Speed, which is an early work that incorporates 3D into the game as a shooting game fan, and Star Blade, an arcade transplant. Did.

The box and body are small, but the contents are full of mega drive mini 2

Let’s enter from the opening repo first. It was the smallness that was surprised to pick up the arrival package. The upper and lower width is shorter than other mini-hard boxes, and the depth is a little noticeable. The right notation is written on the side of the box, and on the back is 60 recorded titles along with the package illustration. I did not have a Mega Drive actual machine, so I saw it with Sega Saturn.

In the package, not only the two mega drive mini body, but also the HDMI cable, USB cable, and fighting pad 6B are included. I purchased a version with an AC power supply to this, but because the Sega logo and letters are written on this, it is not unrelated as much as possible.

The two megadrive mini body is about the size that can be held with one hand, and you can see that it is almost the same size when arranged with the PC engine mini. The cassette insertion at the top of the center is also movable, and the serial number is described on the back. There is also a Mega Drama Mini 2 and an expansion slot for connection on the side. The back has an HDMI and a terminal for power connection.

The recording title that includes a wide variety of genres from old to new works

This unit is not only 30 titles of the cartridge, but also 50 titles of the 20 titles of the mega CD, new transplantation, power-up transplantation, reprint of the stored titles, and new version/derived quiz games. There are 60 titles with 10 works.

The operation and settings on the menu screen can be performed without any problems, and there are also a lot of sound selection of mega drive/mega drive 2, nine frame, MODE buttons, etc. In addition, the instructions on the recorded title are posted only on the official website. On the other hand, it is troublesome to check the contents from the official website using a smartphone or PC, so I wanted to browse it in mega drive mini 2 if possible.

I played the mega drive title for the first time and was surprised at the high expressiveness. Even though it was a 16-bit machine, the frame rate was out of the dawn 3D, and the frame rate appeared as it was, and in Expander, it was surprising to the detailed expression of not only the animation of the background but also the movement of the legs. It will be d1. The game arts Sulfide, which I was looking for, was a title released in July 1993, the year before PS/SS, and has a dynamic production created by the video, although the background is drawn in presents. It is amazing.

In the Mega CD version of Star Blade, most of the English descriptions that were read in the arcade version were crushed, and enemy aircraft were displayed on the wire frame. However, it is surprising that there is almost no hindrance to gameplay because the frame rate is high, and you can play with stable Aiming (it is also compatible with mouse operation). In addition, the Star Blade, which was once distributed to Wii VCs and smartphones, cannot be ignored that it is a valuable work for mega CD.

The Space Harrier II, which has a power-up function with the implementation of the shrinkage function, has been played in classical games and renovates the part that thinks If this is more…! , and the game itself. After 30 years, I thought it was the content that asked again.

Because the frame rate is improved than the original version, and it has a sense of play close to the arcade version, it is interesting to be able to play fun without any problems. This work is not a remake, but something is different to be a remaster. Sega can be interpreted as a full-fledged power-up version or a full version , which has been brushed up (resolution, improvement of frame rate, etc.) during the 3DS or later classic title transplant.

This unit is not just an item that only tells Hostage. In particular, there are two titles, Tartary Is MEGA Q 2022 and Tartary Is SEGA Q, which includes problems up to 2022. If you answer the problem in 2022 in recent years, you will feel the experience of modern, and it seems that you have conveyed the appeal of mega drives, not just nostalgic, to the 2022 gamers.

Mini Hard that conveys the power of Sega and Mega Drive to the modern age

For several days since this unit was released, I played the recording title of mega drive mini 2 and was immersed in its charm. When you actually play the recorded title, it is a lineup that makes you realize that many high-performance console game consoles that make use of the performance have been released (however, there are many titles that start with normal difficulty normal. I felt it was suitable for gamers). In addition, the mega CD title has a lot of sounds and videos, so the production is combined with the production, making it feel one of the source of modern play.

mega drive mini 2 is the only nostalgic in the early 90s due to the selected lineup of the mega drive/mega CD title and the transplant of Space Harrier II that seems to have become a full version after more than 30 years. Not It is a content that can convey new charms to users who touch the mega drive for the first time. It may be difficult to obtain because the production volume is limited due to the lack of semiconductor shortage from the beginning of the announcement, but if you are interested in this unit, why not look for it at stores? Uh?