The Korean Game Society Game Committee Liquidation is required, but there must be an institution.

On the 4th, the Korean Game Society issued an official statement on the Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Game Committee). While urging fundamental reforms to solve the accumulated problems for a long time, he opposes the abolition of the institution itself.

First, the Korean Game Society argued that the reason for the series of situations surrounding the game committee was not one chairman, but from structural problems accumulated in long hours. It pointed out the non-transparent procedures and operations, such as the deliberation based on the non-literacy of the game commissioners’ games, the review of the researchers from the Game Committee, the uncertain deliberation criteria, and the unclear minutes of the minutes.

In particular, the Korean Game Society of the Korean Game Society recently said, It is a testimony that there is a serious defect in the game function because it is a sea story simulation game. Even though it is necessary to convince the officials and restore the fairness and trust that the deliberations are being made fair and transparent, they do not understand the words ‘do not disclose the minutes for fair deliberation’.


Subsequently, the Korean Game Society pointed out that the game commission has been assisting the problems of the game that the game committee should resolve the probability-type item regulation. In particular, the society pointed out that last week, the minimum case of deliberations occurred because it was revealed that the P2E model was combined after the game’s youth usage game.

Finally, even though there were no follow-up measures, even though they received a defect system for the establishment of their own classification and follow-up system, they had no follow-up measures. The problem said that Lee Pantheon received a solidarity signature of 5,489 people and asked the Auditor to request a national audit.

However, despite the problems mentioned earlier, the society said that there should be a game committee. The autonomous regulation of the probability-type item that the game industry has been in progress has not been effective even though it has been continued for six years, and it is necessary to have a professional government agency that will be responsible for deliberation.

The distrust and criticism of the current game committee is recognized as a criticism of the cumulative game committee, that is, criticism. It should be recognized and fundamentally renewed the inside of the game, and it should be shown to focus on its own work, such as regulation of probabilistic items. I have to show it.