If you place the characters and elements, the story is completed, storyteller

A new adventure will be released in March next year, which will complete your own book by freely squeezing the puzzles given to each major. It is a storyteller that is intuitively revealed from the title.

In the storyteller, the player plays the role of a book writer. What is given to the player is a block that expresses the books that need to be filled with the contents, the main characters, props, backgrounds, and situations. If you open a book, you will see a blank compartment as if you have divided the cuts in a comic book, and if you fill the blocks at the bottom of the screen, the story unfolds.


Interestingly, the story depends on the order of the same compartment. Suppose there are heroines, male support, male supporting, cathedral, and tombst1. The two men fall in love when the heroine, the male main character, and the cathedral are placed in the first compartment. Subsequently, when the tombstone is set up in the second compartment, and the male protagonist block in it, the heroine loses his lover and sad sit. If you put the heroine, male supporting role, and cathedral in the last compartment, you will end up in the direction of a new love.

However, in the previous one, the first compartment is left as it is, and if you put a male supporting role in the second compartment, the male supporting role is developed in the direction of the heroine. If you set up male supporting roles and tombstones in the last compartment, and placing a male leading block in the tombstone, the blind male supporting actor kills the male protagonist. Even the same puzzle configuration can see a completely different story depending on the placement, so you can feel the beauty of unfolding.

The storyteller will be released on March 24 next year as a Steam and Nintendo Switch. Currently, we are distributing trial versions through the official Steam page and supports 14 languages, including Korean.