Final Fantasy XIV

Forspoken displays Athias world in this new gameplay trailer

Final Fanty XV creators continue working on their new intellectual property, a fanty game set in a world beautiful dangerous. For spoken h reappeared in a new in-depth trailer , which focuses on Atria, the majestic place that will serve the main scenario of the video game. You can see it on these lines.

In the trailer, Frey-the main protagonist- goes into labyrinthine dungeons , where he will have to fight against powerful enemies to access new pieces of equipment. For spoken’s open world unfolds in all its splendor, with battles, struggles and colorful enchantments.

To survive in Atria Frey, he must mter the attack, but he will also have to reinforce his defensive skills. The enemies, fallen in disgrace by the corruption of tear , are not invincible: magic affects them and succumbs to it. The objective? Back home. Frey is a New York citizen who is involved in a dark fanty history. He will leave behind his conventional life in the city to become a warrior with magical powers.

in January for PS5 and PC

For spoken w scheduled for 2022, but Square Enix h already delayed it twice. If everything goes planned, the Luminous Productions video game will be available on January 24 in PlayStation 5 and PC. Like Final Fanty XVI, Sony Interactive Entertainment h signed an agreement with the editor so that the title is temporary of its new generation machine.

a result of the continuous conversations with our main partners, we have made the strategic decision to move For spoken’s launch date until January 24, 2023, the study said in a statement when he announced the lt delay. All the elements of the game are already complete, and the development is in the final polishing phe.

These is our firsts impressions.