[Gemphae] The secret of birth? A significant Charlottes Table

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[ Moon Byung-soo] Net marble’s new ‘Charlotte’s Table’ has launched a global service including Korea. Charlotte’s table is a hybrid game that combines restaurant management and collection elements in the Match 3 Puzzle genre, which is popular all over the world.

Charlotte’s table has a global graphic and character design at a glance. The clean and unique time of the Disney animation attracted attention. But the more attention was the story. This is because it was based on the secret of birth, which was seen a lot in Korean dramas.

Born as the daughter of the best chef of Paris, France, Charlotte is adopted to the United States, kidnapped in the hands of a nanny ahead of his first birthday. Due to the shock, his father is ruined enough to sell a restaurant to a rival that thinks like a thorn, and Charlotte, who has become an adult, opens a restaurant to make the best restaurant.

Although not included in the open specification, Charlotte is expected to be the daughter of the best chef of Paris and what he has been separated from his father, and it is expected that there will be a story of a bloody blood revenge (?) To those who have shaken the destiny of himself and his father. I look forward to seeing the Western version of the dramas that I see while swearing.

In order to continue to see an interesting story, you need to clear the puzzle stage to get ‘Star’. Like a restaurant-based game, colorful puzzles are designed with ingredients such as strawberries and bread. Special puzzles that appear when you match four or more puzzles are similar to the previously released match 3 puzzle rules, but in the case of disturbing gimmicks, there were many things such as cakes and cats that disappear after removing nearby puzzles.

The attractive fun factor at Charlotte’s table is that it was divided into the process of cooking. All users can choose from table settings to plating. For example, when making chicken breast steaks, it was exotic because it was possible to choose from the degree of grilling chicken breast to garnish and sauce. However, in the early part, no matter what menu you choose, it did not have a significant impact on the progress, but from the second half, it is expected to be a design that will be given a penalty if you make the wrong choice.

Like this, Charlotte’s table is an interesting puzzle game armed with stimulating stories and neat graphics. If you are a thumb that doesn’t ‘skipping’ the story when you play a match with a match or RPG, Charlotte’s table will give you great satisfaction. Charlotte’s revenge is expected to taste.