Many reports that are difficult to see blue ink at the Splatoon 3 festival. People who devised by setting changes

A new festival is being held at Platoon 3. The festival this time is a collaboration festival with Pokémon Scarlet Violet, and if you want to be a partner, it is about which one to choose USA, Honor or Miku. It is a festival held from 9:00 on November 12 (Sat) to 9:00 on Monday, 14th, but it seems that many people are suffering from a certain visibility problem. It is a problem that is difficult to see blue ink.

In this festival, the player fights with inks related to his team. It depends on the greenery, the blue, and the fart of the fart. Among them, it has become a hot topic that blue ink is difficult to see. Immediately after the start of the festival, Blue Ink has continued to enter on Twitter.

The blue ink itself is not such a special ink. However, due to the setting that the festival itself is being implemented at night, each ink also shines on the neon. As a result, the blue ink is hard to see. Red ink and green ink are hard to see, but red is orange flavor, green is a yellow-green taste and color adjustments are slightly easier. On the other hand, blue seems to be difficult to see because of its relatively vivid color that is relatively close to primary colors.

The appearance of the color depends on individual differences. Some say that blue is easy to see and red is difficult to see. On the other hand, the fact that continuing to enter the trend is that there are many people who find it difficult to see blue ink.

As a matter of fact, I fought the team, but I felt it was hard to see the blue ink. Especially when switching to squid, the boundary between players and ink is difficult to see in the mixed battle z1. Furthermore, when the red ink and blue ink are battled, it is more difficult to see each other’s ink because the color shines. Although the blue ink was used at the eve of Platoon 3, this color is darker and darker, and it may be difficult to see the player character and ink because it is more glossy. Unknown.

The players seem to be devising this issue. The most common plan is to turn on the optional Color-Wear Support on the Platoon 3 game side. As a result, the blue ink is slightly purple. However, the ink color of the team also changes. In the case of a honey team, the ink turns light blue, and it may be slightly out of the concept, but the visibility is greatly improved.

Also, some users recommend changing the appearance of the color from the main unit settings. However, this is an extreme change in appearance, such as a color episode and a grayscale. I tried one game in the reversal setting, but although it seems that it is easier to see, the world is chaotic, and I am more concerned about. Unexpectedly, I thought about what is easy to see.

Depending on the person, if the blue ink is difficult to see, it would be quicker to turn on the colored support. However, it is a nice place for the festival to be able to enjoy the original experience. I hope that the color design will be easy for as many people as possible without adjusting the options. Let’s look forward to the next festival.

The Pokémon Scarlet Violet collaboration festival of Platoon 3 is being held until 9:00 on Monday, November 14th.