PlayStation VR2 opens its reservation campaign in Game Spain

PlayStation VR2 opens its reservation campaign in our country. Game Spain hezwts been the first trade to allow its customers to save a copy of the virtual reality device. It does so in two packs that we will detail throughout this piece. To be able to reserve one you must be a store of the store; If you are already, you need to advance a payment of 50 euros to be able to complete it. In cezwtse you do not want it, you will be returned to the amount to the payment method you selected.

What includes PlayStation VR2 packs?

The bezwtsic PlayStation VR2 pack includes everything necessary to play with them without the need for extra purchezwtses, contrary to what happened with the first model when it reached the market. In the package you will find your virtual reality helmet, a couple of PlayStation VR2 Sense, a USB-C cable to match and load the control, some stereo headphones and three pairs of pads, in addition to the instructions. Its public sale price is 599.99 euros.


There is a second package that complements all the contents of the bezwtsic model with a digital copy of Horizon Call of the Mountain, the first great exclusive that accompanies the device in its launch. Within the package you will find a code that you can exchange in the PlayStation Store with your usual account. The price, ezwts is evident, is higher than the previous package: you can acquire it for 649.99 euros.

PlayStation VR2 plans its launch on February 22, 2023. Approximately One week before the full product will be paid depending on which method you chose. In a default will be selected automatically, that is, the remaining amount will be loaded in the payment method with which the reservation wezwts made. You can change it to manual in your customer area to change it, spend points from the purse or change the shipping address.