Interactive ruins search ADV EDENGATE: The Edge of Life Delivered for PS4/Steam -The theme is loneliness and hope in Corona whirlpool

Developer HOOK has launched the interactive ADV ELONGATE: The Edge of Life to PC (Steam)/PS4 and released the trailer.

This work is an interactive adventure game exploring the ruined town, and the writer Matthew Meiji Burns, who won numerous awards, was in charge of the script, lonely, anxiety, and conflict under pandemic brought by unprecedented corona whirlpools. It is a work with the theme of hope.

Mia Loren son, a good scientist, wakes up in an unmanned hospital, but it is unknown where/what happened here. Players explore the ruined town ELONGATE and unravel the memories and mysteries of the past to find out the truth.

Interactive & rich graphics

I played the first game (Steam version), but the rich graphics were good, and the operability corresponding to the keyboard/pad was smooth and uncomfortable. In the hospital where you explore, it is possible to interact with various things, and the important books that unravel the remained notes and stories may evoke a fragment of memory, and some hints to open the door are hidden. 。

Composer Larissa Oneida’s soundtrack is anxious and gives a sense of tension, but it also has a mysterious feeling that calms the mind. The main character Mia’s voice act is high quality, and breathing and lines in quiet hospitals will make game play more immersive. In general, I felt that this work could be expected to play more than the price.

The interactive ADV ELONGATE: The Edge of Life, which explores the ruined town, is available for PC (Steam)/PS4 (720 yen/PS4 version 990 yen). The Xbox One version will be released soon.