Elon Musk talks about chaos on Twitter

This last week has been total chaos on the Twitter platform, this is due to the new standards applied by the new owner of the company, Elon Musk, who to start modified the verification process. To this is added the retirement of the officer, which only returned for certain selected users of the size of politicians and stars.

According to the reports, the last round of layoffs came this week, then the remaining were given an ultimatum to commit to long hours on the website or resign with compensation. According to the technology reporter Kylie Robertson, 75 % of the employees agreed to receive the package and subsequently revoked access to employees, thus closing the offices a few hours.


In a series of tweets on Thursday, Musk joked above all the ordeal, even deploying the meme of the grant Austin tomb of The Flash. He then said that the website has just achieved another historical maximum in the use of Twitter.

With all this, Musk would be establishing a total change for the platform, since it has even been called Twitter 2.0, but all the rumors of the possible bankruptcy of the company are still diffuse. In fact, media have talked with employees, who mention that there is a high probability of a closure of the company in the coming months.