DFB group nationwide gamer Magull criticizes FIFA

National gamers Lina Magill also slammed the World Association after the ban on the One Love flap at the World Cup in Qatar. The FIFA is not a favor of making sure declarations that are expected to please people but do not make any sense at all; which are just said so that what is stated, said Magill at Web.de: This is little Authentic and not honest, and that’s what annoying.

For the Vice European Champ, the conversations about the host cover the sporty at the competition in the desert emirate. You can feel this in the entire environment that there is less enthusiasm and more speech, more important topics are resolved. For that reason, regrettably, the sporty one takes a back seat and the surrounding topics, said Magill.


The DFB group now has to merely do the very best of this competition, due to the fact that the train has long left. When it was awarded, a boycott may have had a result. Today we are all in the exact same boat and need to attempt football once again To put more in the foreground and at the same time critically question things, address and do something good on website.

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