Elon Musk ensures that Twitter layoffs have finished

Since Elon Musk took control of Twitter, many misfortunes have passed to users who had earned account verification for their own merits and not paying. But they are not the only ones affected, since many employees before the power were dismissed, but apparently, this wave has ended according to the controversial businessman.


The character has confirmed that he will begin to hire new people, obviously to replace the jobs of those who decided to leave the Twitter 2.0 plan. Although it should be noted that the most requested are from the engineering part, which would imply a change to the page. Although experts in the sales area are also being included.

To this is added that media such as The Verge have had access to communications indicating that Elon Musk wants all employees to send weekly updates about their email work.

This should have the following data as expresses the Source:

Weekly update, name, department and date. Within email, they must include what project are working, code examples if it is relevant or work summaries for non-technical jobs, and what they have been trying to achieve.

In addition, the appointment of the positions that Musk is asking for:

In terms of critical hiring, I would say that people who are good writing software are the highest priority.

Now it is necessary for the information to come to light in a more official way.

Via: The Verge

Editor’s note: It seems that with this type of events we will continue waiting for Twitter to become a more stable platform. The changes have already begun, but that great differentiator is still present.