Chairman Chung Soon -ki, Sigagraph Asia 2022

Hosted by Cologne Jesse and hosted by the American Computer Association, the Korean Computer Graphics Society, the Korean HCI Society, and the Korea Graphics, the Paragraph Asia 2022 held a press conference today (29) ahead of the opening. Paragraph Asia is the world’s largest computer graphics and interactive technology conference, where industry workers and experts participate to share the latest graphic technology trends and related information. This year, it will be held from December 6 to 9 in Daegu Eco.

In 2020, Sierras Asia 2022, which will be re-held in Daegu in two years, will be held at the conference and exhibitions, computer animation festivals, field experiences, and recruitment briefing sessions. Global companies and research and technology organizations such as AMD, Adobe, Autodesk Korea, Microsoft Research, NVIDIA and NC soft will also participate in various technologies and information. At the press conference, Chairman Chung Soon and chairmen of each program participated, presented their vision for Paragraph Asia 2022, and responded to reporters and questions.

■ Chairman Chung Soon Paragraph Asia 2022, the festival of everyone as well as the graphics industry officials

Paragraph is the world’s largest computer graphic event, academic conference, exhibition, and short film festivals, and the festival is a general collection. Next year, Paragraph, the 50th anniversary of North America and the 15th anniversary of Asia, is not only the most prestigious papers of computer graphics as well as the latest. Art Gallery, which uses technology using technology, XR, Real Time Live with the latest technology, various topics and exhibitions of related startups and companies, and this year, this year, etc. All opportunities are available.

In Korea, it will be held offline 12 years after Paragraph Asia. From December 6th to 9th, Daegu Eco will prepare a big festival where not only technicians and academia officials but also artists, investors, and students all participate in the computer graphics, interaction, and artificial intelligence. To this end, a total of 21 programs are operated under the LED by the committee this year.

Two of the three keynote lectures and the 15 special sessions are in Korea’s content-related sector, and K-Content Day, such as the Korean Content Showcase, is specially prepared.

■ Paragraph Asia 2022, Technical Paper to Exhibition, Real Time Live

Subsequently, Lee Leeches, chairman of the Technical Paper Program, introduced the technical paper, one of Paragraph Asia’s core programs. Technical paper of Paragraph Asia 2022 is a place to release 150 finalists after 3 months of three-month screening of more than 400 papers submitted by more than 2,000 researchers around the world. In the technical paper program, 823 researchers from 174 institutions in 22 countries will publish their results for the years, and not only graphics but also AI and interactive technology will be released in various fields.


In Paragraph Asia 2022, this is not just a form for a professional, but also prepared to check the results of the technology on-site. First, the technical paper trailer video on YouTube has been released to make the research results change. Along with the release of the video, you can listen to the details of the technology development and research process until the result is released in the technical session.

Unlike the technical paper program that deals with the latest technology, the technical communication & poster program is a place to share innovative and fresh ideas among computer graphics technology. It also covers the latest fields of interaction technology as well as special effects, rendering, and AI, and there is a place to actively share ideas through exchanges with presenters as well as sessions. There is a place where exchanges can be shared with researchers’ ideas. In particular, the poster program, which is centered on exchanges between the presenter and the audience, organized a program to send and receive opinions freely next to their posters.

The XR program, which has been added in Paragraph for 10 years, has a relatively shorter history than other programs, but has become a key program in the Experience Hall, where participants can demonstrate their own fields. Various XR technologies and contents exhibit at the Experience Hall at the Paragraph Asia 2022 site, and participants can demonstrate them. In particular, the Paragraph Asia 2022 will reveal a variety of research results to more realistically implement everyday movements such as interactions and jumping and walking in a virtual environment.

In addition, you can experience various experimental technologies to make you feel immersive when you have transcendental physical abilities in the educational training, art performance, virtual sports, and virtual worlds or explore a fantastic world. At the same time, the presenter’s session is held, which will continue to share in-depth technology.

The Paragraph Animation Division is a program for all computer graphics creators, including short-term, advertisement, and VFX simulation. In the animation program, 33 of the 405 entries in 19 countries are selected at the Electronics Theater, four of which are listed, and in the session, the presentation of the animation experts such as Enterprise Galactic and Yuri’s cell crew is prepared.

The Real Time Live Program is a total of real-time creative content from mobile to console games and XR. Initially, it was mainly focused on sessions that explained the application of graphics and new technologies, but there are also programs to communicate with developers and developers. The Real Time Live Program of Paragraph Asia 2022 focuses on the real-time technology that combines the virtual environment and the actual environment, such as Virtual Studio and Virtual YouTuber, which is a hot topic in the film industry, and the development process of content using them. The Real Time Live Program is focused on the last day.

In addition, a trade exhibition will be held from 50 countries from 11 countries from December 7 to 9. The exhibition includes Adobe, AMD, Amazon Web Service, Autodesk Korea, Epic Games, Foundry, Microsoft Research, NC soft, NVIDIA, Renault Group, Ritz Mayan University, and Seoul Robotics. Not only will the officials attend, but also hiring new personnel from major exhibition companies. For more information, it will continue to be updated on the official website of Paragraph Asia 2022.

▲ Until the exhibition at the animation festival, there will be a place where you can experience not only the latest technology but also the contents.

■ Q&A

Q. How will Paragraph Asia 2022 affect the development of the Korean computer graphics industry? In addition, I was in Daegu twice, and I wonder why Daegu was selected and how Paragraph Asia 2022 would be helpful to revitalize the local economy in Daegu.

= It will be held in Seoul in 12 years and is now offline in Daegu, and it seems that ‘Korean is the world’. In fact, in Paragraph Asia 2022, Korean and Korean content participated a lot, so this time, the first press conference could be held separately in Korean.

Paragraph Asia 2022 is an opportunity to expose Korean technology and content to experts around the world. It is also very encouraging in that Korean students have a good opportunity to participate in this place.

The reason why Paragraph is in large cities such as Los Angeles in the United States is because there is no environment for accepting participants. Paragraph Asia is not as much as North America, but it is an event where quite a few participants gather. And it is a site where experts gather. It seems that the strong will of Daegu and Eco shine to attract this in Daegu.

The Paragraph Asia 2022 will increase the international awareness of Daegu, and it will be a great help in revitalizing the local economy. In particular, this time, as it was held in Korea, I understand that there are more opportunities to present data related to Korea’s researchers and Korea. In addition, the accessibility of Korean students and industry officials is also improving, and it is expected that positive synergy in technology and industry will rise.

Q. What is the differentiated key topic of the year, different from the Paragraph Asian event?

= First, the award system was introduced. In addition to the presentation of technical papers in the existing way, the interactive discussion time was created separately. At this time, several displays were placed so that each thesis presenters could discuss the round table with the participants.

There is also a session that emphasizes diversity and inclusiveness. The Western region says D & I, and it deals with racism, but does not talk about the underprivileged, the weak, and the human rights of women in Korea. Another feature is to convey hopeful messages to those people.

In addition, K-Content Day, which can inform our country’s contents and technology, will be held on December 8th. In addition to the keynote sessions, you will be able to see in-depth discussions and various attempts on the difficulties of creating K-contents in other sessions and fields, or the future of K-content.

Q. How long is the participation of the participants, and how do you cooperate in Daegu?

= Many participants have been hoping to come after Corona. Still, some countries have not yet recovered, so