The individual posters of Super Mario Bros. The film hides more than it seems

Super Mario Bros. The film is one of the great protagonists of the lt hours thanks to the premiere of second and great trailer, a film by Illumination (responsible for the minions) next to Nintendo that promises to be a tribute to the universe of the famous plumber. Although now we want to stop in their no less striking advertising materials in the form of individual posters and other promotional images that hide more than it seems. Do not miss the following image gallery of Super Mario Bros. The film.


posters and promos of The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Thus, and thanks to these new individual posters of Super Mario Bros. the film, we have a more detailed look at each of its main protagonists, from Mario and Luigi to Peach, Toad, Donkey Kong and Bowler, each of them With your own promotional image. Some images that hide a multitude of details related to the popular Nintendo franchise, from numerous objects of the Super Mario Universe to the fire flowers or the gloomy atmosphere of Luigi’s Mansion, in addition to the ctle of Peach or Mushroom Ctle, which also h its own image With its splendid interior.

But there is more; If we pay attention to Donkey Kong’s poster, among the public we can see several regular characters of their own franchise, such Daddy, Dixie or Swanky, among others. In addition, together with these individual posters, new promotional images have appeared that also offer some more information, such the one that shows us Mario and Luigi in front of his plot of plumbers in a city that emulates New York, with what would be the Brooklyn Bridge in the background; Is Pauline who appears at the bottom to the right?

Super Mario Bros. The film will premiere in Cinem in Spain on March 31, 2023, while in the United States it will debut on April 7, 2023.