LOL: The power of sea dragon is present, Leviathan is crowned as Supercopa Flow champion

The competition is finished within the Flow Super Cow with only two rivals who seek Another 9z Team comes as a good contender for this event, both squads have given a great tournament, but everything is defined in a better five.

Starting in a first map where things became very interesting from the selection phase because the purple squad surprised with its already characteristic Yahoo for Dandy with which he showed an aggressive style and denied his counterpart to climb better, with Well executed fights we see 9z get the first point in the afternoon to take the lead.

Going to the second map the aggression would be executed by the sea dragon team that sought rapid revenge for which they took a Caitlyn in the hands of Nothing that became a key piece of the confrontation to punish the opponents leaving the favorable situation for the team of the Levant that would tie the series with the 1-1 to seek to redeem himself.

During the third confrontation, surprises were noticed again with a dandy taking Sandra to make a great impact on the lower part, but Leviathan’s response was present with a Strafing with which the opposite plans atrophy, a Benetton in the upper part that Rehab used very goodly gave him enough tickets to be able to take the victory.

For the fourth scenario we see a somewhat tilted beginning for the sea dragon that seeks Situation that gives the chance to the champions of the Caesura to make the rivals fall to crown themselves with the victory.


After 4 maps we see how the Leviathan team manages to take the super cop To the South League where they will have the opportunity to move to the LA where the strongest teams in the region are waiting for them.