The Last of United States la bande

The time is no longer for teasing.
While the broadcast of the event series is set on January 15, 2023, HBO reveals the total trailer for the adjustment of The Last of Us, the fruit of its enduring partnership with the PlayStation Productions and Naughty Pet groups.

Clearly, whatever exists.
The survivors with an exhausted but combative look, the exceptional postal designs covered by nature, the quarantine locations, the particular clamping of the contaminated and obviously this unnoticeable wall which at first separates the two lead characters camped by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.
Even the Take I was played by Ellie in The Last of Us Part II is there.
Miraculously insensitive to the infection which sped up the fall of the old world in 2013, the lady must sign up with a group of idealistic rebels at the other end of the country by embodying the hope of a traveling remedy.


A series that wants to go further than the video game

A standard situation common to the video game which must not prevent the series from taking liberties and telling brand-new things, constantly under the control of the innovative director of Naughty Dog, Neil Luckmann, really pleased to be able to provide a little more
Density to the characters in the license who changed her life.
I hope that the series will completely change the way in which non-players view what the games are capable of in regard to narrative depth, stated the latter as part of a meeting with The Hollywood Reporter.
And as HBO had the considerate decency not to forget the stars who play Joel and Ellie in the games, our company believe we acknowledge the outstanding Ashley Johnson in the possible mother of the Wonder child, while the Troy Baker legend appears even more succinctly in
The trailer as a hand of the bad guy David.
Relating to the distribution in France, still nothing official even if the hopes are used towards Amazon Prime Video, supposed to take the relay of OCS as a national diffuser of the HBO series.